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Behind the Hound

A former Certified Ophthalmic Technician turned Marketing small business guru (and loving it) from Middle Tennessee! I’m a lover of coffee, a research nerd, and an advocate of all things positive, healing and helpful. A sense of humor, communication, and collaboration are the cornerstones for how I run my business. Since 2011, I’ve been working in the Social Media world, increasing connections, and promoting engagement and awareness for small businesses and entrepreneurs. My first content/copy writing gig was for a company who hired short-term contract copy writers. My first two assignments were to write "Google friendly" copy about dental services and tires. I didn't realize at the time that my journey had only just begun. In all honesty, I just wanted to keep up my writing skills and find a way to get paid while doing so. 

The bulk of my marketing journey began while working as an ophthalmic technician in Murfreesboro, TN, when my employer asked me to start a Facebook Page for his practice. Before long, I had submerged myself into a whole new world. The more I learned about how the “back-end” of the internet worked the more intrigued I became. I began analyzing how each individual part of advertising linked to the other, taking free Google courses and reading anything I could find on digital marketing. I quickly created a new position for myself at my job and gained a new passion. I took everything I learned from leading experts in the field, seminars I attended in San Francisco and Chicago, as well as countless online videos, and then I launched Click Hounds Marketing in the fall of 2015. My Bachelor’s degree is in Behavioral Science, so analyzing human behavior online is kinda  fun for me. Mix that with my passion for helping others, being creative, highly social and a writer, and voila’ I found my niche! 

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