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Who Wants to Eat Bland Content? Not Me, Not You, Not Anyone.

Hey there, As the world of AI expands, so do everyone's mouths. We all have opinions about this fascinating and somewhat intimidating technology. If you're not familiar with AI, it stands for Artificial Intelligence. Basically, it's using computers to perform tasks that humans normally do, such as speech recognition, computer vision, translation between languages, and other input mappings. AI has been around since the 1950s, but it's evolving fast, and programs like ChatGPT are putting the world on edge. Some people are half excited and half totally losing their minds. After all, AI sounds like something straight out of a sci-fi movie, right? The robots start out helpful, then take everyone's jobs, and eventually turn rogue, taking over the world and enslaving humanity... War, famine, the end. But let's cool our jets, shall we? Yes, you can ask a robot specific questions and get accurate answers (mostly). Yes, AI is here and everyday people around the world have easy access.'s actually pretty awesome. Recently, I've been getting two recurring questions: "Aren't you afraid ChatGPT will replace you as a writer? as a marketer?" and "Why use AI then?" Here's my answer: Nobody wants to read bland content. Robots produce robotic content. There's no emotion, no humanistic tone. It's not conversational. You don't read a ChatGPT answer and connect with the writer. It's boring. Bland. Tasteless. But here's the thing: AI is still a brilliant resource, a tool. It can't do what you or I can do, but it can spark creativity, ideas, and thoughtfulness. For instance, say there's a topic you want to write about, but you need more information, or even a more condensed version of information. However, you don't have time to read through 50 pages on Google. That's where AI comes in. You can plug in your question, which can be very specific, like "Please give me 3 reasons why birds fly south in the winter." The answers will then spark your creativity, fueling your talent engine, so you can do what you do best: translate important, albeit unfun stuff to read or difficult to understand, into a voice your audience will understand and enjoy. AI doesn't have the human quality of emotion, experience, or the ability to tell a story like we do. After all, isn't that what we live for? A thought-provoking story that inspires reflection? A relevant post that guides us to decide? An ad that hits an emotional nerve, causing us to make a purchase? People want to see into the lives of others. Look at TikTok. People like to see real and read real. Since the Industrial Revolution, people have been afraid they would be replaced by a machine, and sometimes they were. But the machines also created new jobs. Think a

bout electricity, computers, Microsoft, surgical equipment, Google, vacuums...fantastic inventions that still require humans. Employers will eventually want new hires with AI experience. It's going on your resume. Crazy, right? But if you don't hop on the wave, you will get left behind. So my advice is this: Even if you are against the whole thing, even if it scares the bageezus out of you, learn it. Now. It's better to learn it now with everyone else, while there's an even playing field.

And if you're interested in learning more about ChatGPT and how it you can use it as a helpful resource- let me know.


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